Insurance Information

At Danbury Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, we strive to offer the best possible surgical care and make it as easy an experience as possible.  We do accept most insurance plans, and our financial coordinators are happy to assist you in any way possible.

If you have insurance we would be happy to help you file your claims.  We require that you bring along your insurance information at the initial visit.  Some insurance requires pre-authorization prior to surgical treatment.  If you wish to proceed with treatment before the pre-authorization is complete our financial coordinators will estimate your portion of the costs and this will be due at the time of surgery.  

At the consultation appointment, an estimated fee will be determined by our financial coordinators.  If we have not received pre-authorization or you do not have insurance, then the estimated fee is due on the day of surgery, and any balances may be due at a later date.   If you do not have insurance then the entire fee is due at the time of your visit unless prior arrangements have been made.  

Every attempt will be made by our financial department to maximize your insurance benefits and reimbursement.  Often this can be a time consuming matter, please be patient and understand that we are making every effort possible to help you.

Please remember that all fees and amounts due stated prior to surgery are estimates and can change.  

Medical and dental insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company, and therefore the patient (or guarantor) is ultimately responsible if the insurance company does not cover the associated treatment costs.

If you need assistance, our Financial and Billing department can be reached at 203-456-3810.